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Ruby D Tonics

Quinine Tonics to Complement Your Spirit.

Ruby D Tonics LLC began with one goal in mind -- create all natural, organic quinine tonic concentrates which enhance, rather than detract, from fine spirits such as top shelf gins and vodkas.

Our tonics are all organic using select, quality ingredients including:

  • Natural cinchona bark used to extract the quinine to impart the bitterness you expect
  • Blue agave nectar to take the bite down a few pegs
  • All natural herbs and spices including allspice, lavender, and lemongrass
  • All natural citrus zests and cold-pressed oils

Where to Buy!
Wholesale and Case Sales

If your establishment serves specialty cocktails and you are interested in using our tonic concentrates please contact us for wholesale pricing details.

Looking for a discount on case pricing? We updated our store to include options for buying by the case or multiple-bottles (2-packs and 4-packs). Mix and match different profiles to suit your personal tastes.

Small-Batch Processed for Quality

Our tonics are manually produced in small batches which enables us to control each step of the process.

How much is a small batch? Our batches currently span a range from 2-40 gallons, depending on the flavor profile we are creating and the demand for that product.

There are several advantages to small batch processing -- labor is not one of them. But precise control of ingredients, times and temperatures, and the ability to make small adjustments to create the tastes our customers have come to expect are key to the process.

Different Profiles for Different Palates

Your tastes are unique. Our tonics are different from mass-produced tonics, with differences you can taste and see.

8 ounce bottles

More bitterness up front comes from the quinine released during the steeping of natural cinchona barks, not from chemical extracts or synthetic quinine made in a laboratory.

Less sweet aftertastes with organic agave nectar as the only sweetener, no high-fructose corn syrups.

Distinctive palate sensations arising from select spices, herbs, and citruses to complement, not overwhelm, your spirit of choice.

With four (4) different flavor profiles (Original, Spiced, Citrus, and Extra Bitter) we're confident we can provide you with a tonic which will elevate your favorite cocktail to a higher level.

Ruby D Tonics – not for everyone, but maybe right for you!